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5th Anniversary Sale

Secret Lair Comics opened almost five years ago on July 4, 2014, and we're excited to celebrate our 5th anniversary this July! We'll be running special sales all month (listed below!) so make sure to stop by and take advantage of these amazing deals!

  • 10% off back issues, and an additional 10% each week! 20% Week 2, 30% Week 3, and 40% Week 4!

  • Different graphic novels on sale each week!

  • 50 cent comics for just a quarter!

  • 10% off all general gaming supplies including dice and minis, and 15% off all gaming books!

  • Plus, all Star Wars RPG books are 60%!

  • 10% all BCW supplies!

And, last but not least, we'll be holding a weekly raffle! For every 10$ you spend, you'll get a raffle ticket. One winner will be pulled each week for an assortment of books!

We'll see you next week! Sales start next Wednesday, July 3rd, and run the entire month. If you have any questions, let us know!

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