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About Us

Our Story

We opened July 4th, 2014, and have been proud to provide a clean, welcoming comic shop experience ever since!  From our subscription service to weekly special orders, we're always ready to help you find the perfect books!  Browse our back issues, graphic novels, and our specially half-priced comic bundles for your next read! Ready to game?

We also have a kid's room so parents can browse without worry.  Check out the Future Heroes and Villains Research Library! We offer all-ages comics at a 40% discount!  We believe that every child who wants to read should be able to afford comics.

Our Stock

If we don't have something in store, we can try to order it for you! We do sell some games, including everything you need to play Dungeons and Dragons, card games, and board games so make sure to check out our stock! We're always happy to check and see if we can order something for you!

If you're looking to sell comics, we recommend that you call or email us ahead of time. We cannot guarantee that we will buy any comics, or buy every comic you bring in, but we can offer an honest deal every time. We do not buy any types of cards. 

From our Secret Lair to yours, thank you!

  Ron Wood  

  Eldritch Horror  

  Becca Evans  

  Media Wizard  



  Steve Lotts  

  Owner, Emperor  

  Chris Barcomb  

  Writer, Cyborg  

  Lee Kinsey  

  Silver Age Historian  

Ron helps run Secret Lair on Wednesdays, and can usually be found drawing his latest piece or talking about a new book. 

A JMU Grad student, Becca joined the team in 2017 and runs all of the social media accounts! Whenever she's not in class or doing coffee runs as the Head Intern, find her behind the counter!

Store owner, 

local teacher, and new dad, Steve founded Secret Lair Comics to share his love of comics with Harrisonburg, and picked up some help along the way!

A retired police officer, Chris now spends his days writing the Amazing Adventures of Superior Sam comics and working in the shop, pricing all of those back issues we have in the back room.  

Lee will happily chat with you about the Silver Age of comics, and works Thursdays at the shop! Drop by if you'd like to reminisce about the
"good ol' days" of comics.

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